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February 10 Cliff Burton (bass guitarist) born
November 18 Kirk Hammett (lead guitarist) born
March 4 Jason Newsted born (bass guitarist) born
August 3 James Hetfield (singer and lead guitarist) born
December 26 Lars Ulrich born (drummer) born
1977 Jason’s forms his first band "Diamond" with Kevin Kendrick, Todd Smiedendorf and Tom Depoy in Niles, MI. Newsted family relocates from Niles to Kalamazoo, MI
September James' freshman year at Downey HS, befriends Ron McGovney
1978 James joins his first band "Obsession" with Jim Arnold, Rich and Ron Veloz
1979 - 80 James’ mother passes away and he moves to La Brea, California
    James quits "Obsession"
1980 - 81 James forms "Phantom Lord" with Jim Mulligan and Hugh Tanner
May 9 Lars and James meet for the first time in Newport Beach, California.
June Ron McGovney joins "Phantom Lord" and renames it "Leather Charm". The band splits as the drummer and guitarist leave
October 31 Jason Newsted and Tom Hamlin relocate to Phoenix, AZ from Kalamazoo, MI
January The first demo of "Hit The Lights" recorded. Lloyd Grant overdubs guitar solo
March Metallica records 3 song demo - one was an original song called "Hit The Lights" and two cover songs "Killing Time" and "Let It Loose".
March 14 Metallica plays their first gig at Radio City, Anaheim, California
March 28 Play their second gig, supporting Saxon at Whiskey - A - Go - Go, Hollywood, California
April Band records "Power Metal" a 4 - track demo of "Hit The Lights", "The Mechanix", "Jump In The Fire" and "Motorbreath"
April 23 Make their only appearance as 5 - piece band with Damien Philips (aka Jeff Warner) in Costa Mesa, California
May 25 James' first gig on rhythm guitar at Backbay (Lars') High School, Costa Mesa, California
June 14 Metal Massacre LP released with first appearance of Metallica on record
July 6 Recording session for "No Life Til Leather" demo tape which includes songs: "Hit the Lights", "Motorbreath", "The Mechanix", "Phantom Lord", "Seek and Destroy", "Jump In The Fire" and "Metal Militia". High Velocity records finances the recording.
September 18 Play their first gig at "The Keystone", San Francisco
November 11 Band plays at "The Woodstock" in Los Angeles
December 10 Metallica and Ron McGovney part
December 28 Cliff Burton joins Metallica as the bass guitarist
February 11 - 15 Metallica shifts base from Los Angeles to San Francisco
March 5 Cliff's plays in his first Metallica show at "The Stone" in SF
April 1 Kirk Hammett joins Metallica as the lead guitarist.
April 9 Dave Mustaine's last Metallica show
April 11 Dave leaves Metallica
April 16 Kirk's plays in his first Metallica show in Dover, NJ
May 3 Metallica signs contract with John Zazula's Megaforce Records
May 10 - 27 Metallica start "Kill’ Em All" recording sessions in Rochester, New York
July 27 - September 3 Metallica start their first tour "Kill Em All For One" with "Raven"
September 24 Metallica record demos for "Ride The Lightning". Live tracks of "Phantom Lord" and "Seek and Destroy" recorded
Jason Newsted forms the group "Dogz" with Kelly David. Eric AK later joins "Dogz", "Dogz" is renamed "Flotsam & Jetsam"
January 19 Bands equipment stolen in Boston MA. This event inspires the song "Fade To Black"
January 20 "Jump In The Fire 12" released in Europe
February 3 Metallica begin their first European tour with Venom in Zurich, Switzerland
February 20 Metallica start recording for "Ride The Lightning" album at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark
March 26 Metallica make their first appearance in England at London's "Marquee Club"
June 6 Second European tour starts in Holland with "The Twisted Sisters"
August 1 Meet future co-manager Cliff Burnstein of Q Prime
September 12 Metallica signs contract with Elektra Records in USA
November 16 Elektra re-releases "Ride The Lightning"
November 17 - 18 Metallica play "Trapped Under Ice" for the first time in Paris.
November 18 The first major European Tour begins in Paris with "Tank" as the support act.
November 23 "Creeping Death 12" released in Europe
December 20 First London headlining gig at Lyceum, end of first European tour.
January 10 USA co-headline tour begins in Nova Scotia
February 9 First performance of "Fade To Black" in Chicago
March 9 "Ride The Lightning" album peaks at #100 on USA charts
March 18 "Ride The Lightning" tour ends in Portland, OR
August 17 Metallica performs at "Monsters Of Rock" Festival at Castle Donington for the first time
September 2 Metallica begin recording sessions for "Master Of Puppets" in Denmark
September 14 Plays at the "Metal Hammer festival" in England and performs "Disposable Heroes" for first time
September 30 Metallica performs at "Day On The Green" Festival in Oakland, California
December 27 Recording of "Master Of Puppets" album is completed
December 31 Metallica plays at the SF's Civic Center, with Megadeth, Metal Church and Exodus
February 21 "Master Of Puppets" album is released in USA
March 27 USA tour supporting Ozzy Osbourne starts in Wichita, KS
May 11 "Master Of Puppets" peaks at #29 in USA
July 26 James Hetfield has a skateboarding accident in Evansville, IN and breaks his arm
July 27 John Marshall temporarily plays the Rhythm guitar as James recovers from the accident
Aug 3 Last USA appearance with Cliff Burton
September 10 European leg of "Damage Inc." tour starts in Cardiff, Wales
September 26 Play the last gig with Cliff Burton in Stockholm, Sweden. James' arm heals as he plays the Rhythm guitar again
September 27 Cliff Burton dies in bus accident in Sweden
October 7 Cliff's funeral, Castro Valley, California
October 28 Jason Newsted joins Metallica as the bass guitarist
October 31 Jason's last show with Flotsam & Jetsam
November 4 "Master Of Puppets" gets Gold Certification in USA
November 8 Jason's first gig with Metallica at Country Club in Reseda, California
November 20 First Japanese tour ends at Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo
February 8 "Damage Inc." tour world tour ends in Zwolle, Holland
February 13 Metallica plays at the "Aardschock" festival in Gothenburg Sweden with "Anthrax" and "Metal Church".
March 23 James meets with his second skateboarding accident and breaks his arm again.
Band scheduled to appear on NBC TV's Saturday Night Live cancelled due to James' broken arm.
July 8 Recording session for "Garage Days Re-revisited" begins in Los Angeles
Aug 8 "Master Of Puppets" ends 72 week run on USA Charts
August 21 "Garage Days Re-revisited" released in USA
August 22 Metallica plays at the "Castle Donington" festival
October 10 "Garage Days Re-revisited" peaks at #28 on USA Charts
November 5 "Ride The Lightning" gets Gold certification in USA
December 4 "Cliff 'Em All" home video released in USA
December 7 "Garage Days Re-revisited" gets Gold certification in USA
January 15 "Kill Em All" re-released in USA by Elektra with "Am I Evil?" and "Blitzkrieg" as bonus tracks
January 29 Metallica begins recording for "...And Justice For All" in Los Angeles
February 4 "Cliff 'Em All" home video gets Platinum and Gold certification in USA
May 27 "Monsters Of Rock" tour starts in Troy, WI with 40,000 people featuring "Van Halen", "Scorpions", "Metallica" and "Kingdom Come"
July 28 "Master Of Puppets" gets Double Platinum certification in USA
Aug 19 "Harvester Of Sorrow 12" single released in UK
August 25 "...And Justice For All" album released in USA
September 11 First show of "Damaged Justice" tour in Budapest, Hungary
October 9 "...And Justice For All" album peaks at #6 in USA
October 30 "Eye Of the Beholder" single is released in USA
October 31 "...And Justice For All" gets Platinum and Gold certification in USA
November 15 USA leg of "Damaged Justice" tour starts in Toledo, OH
December 6 Music video for the single "One" recorded
January 9 "One" single released in USA
February 22 Metallica performs "One" on world-wide broadcast of Grammy Awards
April 5 "Cliff 'Em All" home video get triple Platinum certification in USA
April 8 "One" single peaks at #35 in USA
May 1 First show in New Zealand in Auckland
May 3 First show in Australia in Adelaide
May 16 "Kill Em All" album gets Gold certification and "Ride the Lightning" gets Platinum certification in USA
June 20 "2 Of One" Home video released in USA
July 20 "...And Justice For All" gets double Platinum certification in USA
August 18 "2 Of One" gets Platinum certification in USA
September 23 Last USA gig on "Damaged Justice" tour at Laguna Hills, California
October 8 Last show of "Damaged Justice" tour in Sao Paulo, Brazil
January Band records "Stone Cold Crazy" for release on Elektras’ 40th Anniversary album "Rubaiyat"
May Metallica plays at various European festivals, including surprise shows at Hippodrome and Marquee in London
August 13 James and Lars record 3 demo's for new album
October 6 Recording of self-titled "Metallica" album commences at "One On One" Studio in California
October 14 Records demo for the single "The Unforgiven" at Bayview Studios, California
April 29 - May 4 James, Lars and Bob Rock do minor recording at "Little Mountain Studios" in Vancouver
June 10 Mixing and minor recording starts at "A & M" Studios in Hollywood
July 7 Recording and remixing of the album "Metallica" ends
July 8 - 10 Mastering of "Metallica" at "Sterling Sound" in New York
August 12 Self-titled album "Metallica" released. Debuts at #1 on USA charts
August 17 Band performs at Castle Donington "Monsters Of Rock"
September 28 Metallica performs in Moscow at the Tushino Airfield
October 12 Begin tour for "Wherever I May Roam"
February 25 Perform "Enter Sandman" at Grammy Awards. Metallica wins "Best Heavy Metal award" for the album "Metallica"
April 20 Band performs at "Tribute To Freddie Mercury" at Wembley Stadium. The 3 song set appears on the live "Nothing Else Matters" CD single that features the Scary Guy. James performs "Stone Cold Crazy" with Queen and Tony Iommi
July 17 Co-headline tour with "Guns ‘N Roses" begins at RFK Stadium, Washington DC
August 8 James burned by a pyro mishap at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada. Riot ensues when "Guns ‘N Roses" frontman AXL Rose leaves stage
July 4 Last show of "Wherever I May Roam" tour
November 23 "Binge & Purge" box set released
Metallica Fan Club formed
May 30 Summer tour begins in Buffalo, NY. "Kill/Ride" Medley and "The God that Failed" played live for the first time
July 3 Danzig's last gig opening for Metallica, Glenn performs Misfit's classics "London Dungeon", "Last Caress" and "Green Hell with Metallica". "Suicidal Tendencies" joins Metallica on "So What"
August 21 Last show on Summer tour. Rob Halford joins Metallica on "Rapid Fire"
May Band starts recording sessions for next album(s)
August 17 Rehearsal attended by Club members
August 23 Bands performs Club Member only gig at London Astoria 2
August 26 Bands interrupts recording session to play at Castle Donington "Monsters Of Rock" show
September Band plays gig at Tuktoyatuk, Canada with "Hole", "Veruca Salt" and "Moist"
February 13 James gets his hair cut
May 21 "Until It Sleeps" single released in USA
May 23 Video of "Until It Sleeps" premiers on MTV
June 1 Metallic releases "Load" album in Japan
June 3 "Load" is released in non-Japan/North America areas
June 4 "Load" is released in North America
June 23 Band plays Club members only gig in Toronto, Canada
June 27 "Lollapalooza" Festival tour begins
August 3 Lemmy of "Motorhead" joins band onstage in Irvine, CA for the single "Overkill"
August 4 Last Lollapalooza show in Irvine, CA. Lemmy joins sits in on "Overkill", Jerry Cantrell joins for "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Live recordings of 5 songs from this show appeared as B - sides
September 4 Metallica plays "Until it Sleeps" at MTV Video Awards
September 6 "Poor Touring Me" European tour begins in Vienna, Austria with "Corrosion of Conformity" opening
November 14 Metallica scheduled to play "King Nothing" at MTV Europe's Video Music Awards, "Last Caress/So What" performed instead
November 27 Last European "Poor Touring Me" in Copenhagen, Denmark
December 19 "Poor Touring Me" North America begins in Fresno, CA, "Korn" opens
January 26 Lars marries Skylar in Las Vegas, NV
January 27 "King Nothing" performed at American Music Awards
January 28 Last date with "Korn" opening, "Corrosion Of Conformity" opens remaining shows
February 9 "Fuel" played for the first time in Chicago
May 28 "Poor Touring Me" ends in Edmonton, Canada
July Recording session for the album "ReLoad" begins
August 17 James marries long-time girlfriend Francesca
August 22 Band breaks from studio for European Festivals, "Pukkelpop" Festival in Belgium
August 24 Appear at "Reading Festival", England
October 10 Recording for "ReLoad" finished
October 18 - 19 Metallica plays acoustic show at Neil Young's 11th Annual Bridge benefit
October 21 - 22 Record video for "The Memory Remains" single in Van Nuys, California
November 10 "The Memory Remains" single released world-wide (except N. America)
November 11 "The Memory Remains" single released in North America; Metallica performs a free show in Philadelphia
November 13 TV appearance on BBC's "Top of the Pops"; Club show at London's "Ministry of Sound". Eight songs recorded at this show would appear as b - sides on various formats of "The Unforgiven II" single
November 14 "ReLoad" released in Japan
November 15 Club gig in Hamburg, Germany
November 16 Club gigs played in Stockholm and Copenhagen. "The Memory Remains" music video premieres on MTV
November 17 World-wide release of "ReLoad" (except USA and Japan)
November 18 USA release of ReLoad; Club show in Paris
December 6 Band plays "The Memory Remains" with "Marianne Faithfull" and "Fuel" on Saturday Night Live
December 8 Wins Billboard Music Award for the Best Hard Rock Artist
December 12 Video shoot for the single "The Unforgiven II" in Los Angeles
January 26 "The Unforgiven II" video premieres in USA
January 31 Kirk marries Lani in Hawaii
February 23 "The Unforgiven II" singles are released world-wide (except N. America & Australia)
March 2 "The Unforgiven II" released in Australia
March 17 "The Unforgiven II" released in North America
March 21 Metallica performs live for MTV's "ReLoad, Rehearse, Request" show
March 22 Lars’ mother, Lone Ulrich mother passes away. First three Pacific Rim tour dates rescheduled
April 2 Pacific Rim leg of "Poor Re-Touring Me" begins in Newcastle, Australia
April 7 Metallica plays live for Club members on Australian TV show "Recovery"
May 7 Video shoot for the single "Fuel" in Tokyo
May 8 Pacific Rim leg of "Poor Re-Touring Me" ends in Tokyo
May 21 "Fuel" video premieres on MTV in USA
June 13 Cali Tee Hetfield born
June 16 "Fuel" singles released
June 24 North American leg of "Poor Re-Touring Me" begins in West Palm Beach, Florida
July 6 - 11 Met Club contest winners work on tour as roadies for Metallica
August 5 Myles Ulrich born
August 8 Tour break
August 15 Jason performs with "Sepultura" in Brazil
August 28 Tour resumes in Irvine, California
September 13 Last show of "Poor Re-Touring Me" in San Diego, California
September 15 Metallica return to studio to record new cover songs for "Garage Days re-release"
October 10 MetClub's first CD-ROM, "Byte the Lightning", ships.
October 18 Metallica performs set at the Playboy Mansion.
October 23 Video for the single "Turn The Page" shot, directed by Jonas Akerlund in LA.
November 6 Kirk has emergency appendectomy while on promo tour in London.
November 17 Toronto, Canada first show in "Garage Inc." promo tour.
November 18 Metallica appears on MTV features premiere of "Turn The Page" music video.
November 19 Chicago, IL "Garage Inc." promo tour.
November 20 Detroit, MI "Garage Inc" promo tour.
November 22 "Whiskey In The Jar" home video shot in NY. Jonas Ackerlund is the director. VH-1 airs Behind the Music program dedicated to Metallica.
November 23 Philadelphia, PA "Garage Inc." promo tour.
"Garage Inc." released outside North America.
November 24 New York, shown live on MTV "Garage Inc." promo tour. "Garage Inc." released in North America.
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